Just like the wine-hued spice, Sumac provides a wholesome dining experience that makes every gathering special. Savour the precious moment with our healthy and beloved Mediterranean dishes.

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Our Signature Dishes


A dish which dates back to at least the 13th century.  One of the traditional mainstays in Lebanon.

Hummus is a great source of plant-based protein. An excellent option for vegetarian and vegan diet.


This heart-friendly salad is packed with fresh vegetables, tossed in a zesty, lemon dressing and topped with crispy bread. All the veggies that make up this mouth-watering salad contain many nutrients, especially fiber.


Well-known traditional hot mezza. The pomegranate molasses gives a lightly sweet flavour to counterbalance the minerality of the liver taste.

Liver is a dish that is bound to come up at every family gathering.


Sayadiyeh is an ancient heritage dish, it’s originated from the Lebanese coast, and its fame swept across the Mediterranean and Middle East. The dish is made of delicious aromatic brown rice and fish, topped with toasted nuts and sweet caramelized onions.

The rice and the sauce are both cooked with stock simmered from fish bones giving them more flavour from the sea.


Shrimp Fatteh is a unique dish known in Beirut that has been around for centuries. It is layered with toasted bread, eggplants and shrimps coated in a rich and tangy garlicky yogurt sauce that ties and balance all the flavours together. A bite you definitely won’t forget!


Mafroukeh is a traditional Lebanese dessert that combines semolina and ashta, this lightly sweet treat is a staple dessert served during various occasions.

The combination of homemade ashta with the unique texture of the semolina-pistachio base is to die for. It’s topped off with orange blossom water-infused syrup.

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Follow us on Instagram @sumacrestauranthk